Post walking units prior to tenant move in can save you thousands. Walking the unit after contractors have been in but before the new tenants move in, is essential. You must verify the work that was scheduled was done and completed.

Just this past week I had a unit that turned over, a single family, and post walking the unit saved me at least $2,000. On top of financial savings, I also saved myself the stress of a pissed off new tenant. When I walked into the unit, I immediately knew it wasn’t ready. It had been worked on for the entire week with new paint, flooring, maintenance, yard work and cleaning. The oven range I had ordered had not been installed, the floor seams were extremely visible and the yard work was in progress. The tenant was moving in in 3 hours.

I called the flooring company, after sending them pictures, who in turn took it upon themselves to contact the new tenants to schedule a new floor install.  The appliance company had an internal miscommunication and would again, call the new tenants to schedule a range install the following Monday. At this point I had to call the new tenants and apologize for the work that would still occur upon move-in. Fortunately, both were exciting things to the new tenant (a new oven range and new flooring), so they didn’t put up too big of a fuss.

The flooring has been replaced and the range installed. The tenants are happy and all work will last.

Here are 3 reasons to post walk the unit before a tenant moves in:

Verify Contractor Work

There are a few main categories of contractor work when turning a unit: flooring (steam clean or new flooring), painting, general maintenance, cleaning and landscaping. Some turns require just a couple contractors, and some require them all. Each need to be checked after the work was “complete” to verify the work was done and up to your standard. Typically, so long as you are working with trusted vendors, there is no problem. Every once in a while though, the contractor has subs working under them and they mess up.  Or the contractor begins to get lazy if they feel you aren’t checking their work. However it happens, it sometimes happens. The work needs to be verified. When the owner pays for the work, you can, with a clean conscience verify the standard of the work. Post walking units will do this for you.

Tenant Communication

As with this turn, the work was not complete and not to my standard. Without post walking units prior to moving in, I would not have known this. A result is I would have received a very upset phone call/text. “Why is the stove broke and in shambles?!” “The carpet is falling apart and we have only been here a week!” I can confidently say that these phone calls (at least for these two items) will not happen. Hopefully I have built some goodwill with the tenant. They should know I care about the property and there quite enjoyment of the home.

Post Turn/Pre Move In Pictures

You’ve painted the place, you replaced the flooring and you paid $600 for a clean. Document, document, document. Of course you will have invoices that the flooring was replaced, but we live in the 21st century and owners like pictures. Take pictures of your work. Before and after pictures are great. I just paid $5,000 in make ready expenses and know the flooring was replaced, but why? There was a stain 3 feet wide and holes in the wall and dust thicker than a book, show me.

Post walking units is not just good business practice, it is good mental health practice. Eliminate the unkowns. Without post walking units, you just don’t know what the tenants are moving into and what headaches are soon to pop up. As stated above, post walking units will help verify contractors work, tenant communications and provide you evidence and support of work done. Post walking is as important if not more important than pre walking units.

Posted by: soukuppm on October 10, 2018
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