When I entered into Property Management, my first title was that of leasing agent. With over 400 residential units to keep rented over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to get properties leased and in the shortest amount of time. One of those tricks is stacking showings. Stacking showings is about creating urgency, saving time and being efficient with your time. Turning those prospects into buyers or renters.  Stacking showings is essentially setting a time where there are either showings back to back, or all at once. There are three reasons I like stacking showings.

Create Urgency

Have you ever been to an auction and see that someone else is interested in the same item you are and bidding on? It’s time to make moves, are you going to get it or not. It is the same when you stack showings. These people who are attending this showing, see others at the same property, given the same information as you need to decide and decide quick, if they want to make moves to lease the property. Buyers will delay if they feel they can. Provide them with a reason to make a decision.

Save Your Own Time

Stacking showings will not only create urgency on the buyers side, it will also save you substantial time. If you have a showing set for 4, 4:30 and 5PM for 3 different groups, you’ve committed 2 hours of your time. Drive time, prep the property, and drive time home included. If, rather, you set all three groups up for 4:30PM, it should only take you about 1 hour. 1 hour at $50/hour = $50 saved. Take this over multiple properties and you’ve saved yourself hundreds of dollars. Save yourself time by stacking showings.

Never Miss an Appointment or be Stood Up

You may have a Google calendar where you put all of your appointments. But what if you have 10 showings over 2 days? If you time block and stack, you can decrease the likelihood of missing an appointment. Not saying that missing appointments should happen, but when you have a high demand property, you’re going to have a lot of traffic and tons of phone calls, mistakes happen. You should be confirming all of your appointments day of, but there will always be those renters or buyers who skip appointments even after confirming. If you stack the showings, at least one of the three groups you show, hopefully shows up.

Ultimately, you will have to consider whether stacking appointments are best for you and the property.  You may like the personal touch, to sell the renter as to why they should rent here. Personally, I’ve never had to be sold on a property. I know what I want and what I can afford. I don’t need to be sold. Tenants and buyers know what they are looking for, know their price point and will make the decision as to whether or not they are going to take the property themselves. That is why I choose to stack showings.

Posted by: soukuppm on July 25, 2018
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